Coronavirus Pandemic and the Need for Prayer: Do Not Be Afraid


‘Pandemic’ Panic and the Need for Prayer…and Some Research!

Unless you live on a remote island without internet, TV, radio or newspapers, you certainly know the world is reeling with a fear that is unrivaled since 9/11. Now I could tell you that we must turn to God in this great health crisis and He will bring us through. But that is not what I am going to tell you in this newsletter. I do not think we need to turn to God to protect our health for the danger to our health is minimal, as I will explain below. But we do need to turn to God with great and earnest prayer to counteract the great unfounded fear that has been unleashed in our world by the careful release of news reports that certainly have stoked fears to a frenzy.  And we must make use of this special time when we are being kept from our usual activities to draw close to God and each other.

At first I, too, was concerned about the health aspect of the corona virus. But the more I researched, and the longer time went on, the more I saw that, thankfully, the corona virus is not so scary as the news is making it out to be. First of all, in Wuhan, where it began, there are 11 million people. At first, apparently, it spread unchecked, and yet at this moment only 100,000 people had contracted it. That is less than 1% of the population of the city where it began. The virus arrived in our country January 21 and there were over 1000 cases as of March 11. That is a very small percentage of 300,000 million people. Yesterday when the disease was labeled a ’pandemic’ because it has spread to many countries, there were about 115,000 cases. Considering that there are over 7 billion people, that is less than .00002% of the population. I decided to look up the definition of pandemic, since surely I would think there would be a certain percentage that would merit the title pandemic. In the old days Webster defined a pandemic as ‘occurring over a wide geographical area AND affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.” I’m not sure .00002% qualifies. Ah, but the definition of World Health Organization who just declared the pandemic and caused worldwide panic, their definition on their website leaves out the high proportion of the population requirement. In the actual pandemic of 1918 25% of the population had it.

Last night, pondering all this, I thought, have there been any interviews of people in our country who have had this flu and recovered? Funny…over 1000 people have had it and they haven’t asked a single one (as of Mar 11) how it felt compared to other flu’s and colds. Hearing from them might actually calm our fears. Although the news has given us the impression that this disease is spreading like wildfire, thankfully it isn’t. Even if 10,000 out of 300 million have it, that is a tiny percentage. It seems (as of this moment) that children can only carry the corona virus and do not suffer symptoms. Thankfully, any healthy person does indeed seem to have the antibodies to fight this even if they get it for almost all have been recovering. And although some people have indeed died, they are the elderly for whom any flu or cold could lead to their death. For that very reason I used to be afraid if anyone with a cold would come into my house when I was taking care of my grandma who was in her nineties. So it seems God has spared us a terrible new disease.


After learning all this, and yet continuing to hear on absolutely every station all the stories about the drastic actions taken to control a germ that is not very dangerous, I was filled with wonder that I did not hear a single person anywhere (except chatting at the grocery store!) who said this wasn’t that scary. What was scary to me was that the corona virus was being used to control behaviors from freedom to travel to freedom to assemble to freedom to visit the sick, and so on. It could be used to prohibit worship, or to gather in faith, as it will tomorrow because the Men of Christ Conference I was hoping to attend was cancelled. In the Washington, D.C. area (and I’m sure in many others) people were prohibited from bringing Holy Communion to the sick in the hospital.

From my perspective this is not a physical crisis but a spiritual one. You know that I have had insights into various movements that undermine order in society…wouldn’t you say that this crisis has caused an unprecedented chaos based on an unrealistic fear? Now, if you are aware of spiritual things, who do you think likes us to be full of fear? And Who says again and again, “Be not afraid”?

The Power of Prayer and Other Prudent Precautions

So, whether you fear the virus, but especially because this crisis has undermined most aspects of society in an astounding way, it’s time to get on your knees. I personally think this is one of those crises that the Rosary is most effective in countering. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is also powerful in the face of evil. Read Scripture if you are fearful and Our Lord will comfort you.

Now it is very possible I could get this corona virus someday. I often seem to fall victim to the germs that cause a cold. So when I heard about the corona virus, I didn’t go get hand sanitizer, because it is not what you put on your hands that protects you, it is what you put into your body. So I ordered more vitamin C, Echinacea and garlic supplement (a natural anti-biotic). I have also noticed that I can’t fight a ’bug’ if I eat sweet things because sugar lowers my immunity. Fruits and vegetables are, of course, much better! I also know that if I cheat myself on sleep when I am fighting a bug, I will lose the battle. And if I get chilled my body seems to have less defense to germs as well. Good old-fashioned chicken soup seems to help me when I have a cold. So now you know my corona virus defense. And if I get the germ, God will use my ‘suffering’ from it to draw down graces upon others as suffering does when we are united with Christ. And, even if it should lead to my death…shouldn’t we have faith and trust?

What We Should REALLY Fear! Important Lessons From a Virus

It is only natural to want to protect ourselves from illness, but Jesus told us we should ‘not fear those who can kill the body, but rather fear those who can kill both body and soul.” (Mt 10:28) Our society is much concerned about material things and completely neglectful of the spiritual, which last forever. See how many of the passing things of this world have been taken from us because of this virus: money in the stock market, profits in many businesses, vacations, sporting events, and, sadly, spiritual events as well…all to protect from some little germ that causes us some distress and for most goes away. And yet, how little we are concerned about the many sins we commit: in the way we speak, in the way we dress, in our entertainments, in our frivolous spending, our lack of forgiveness, our neglect of worshiping God each Sunday, forgetting Him who loves us so much. If only we tried to avoid sin the way everyone is trying to avoid the corona virus, what a blessed world we would have! Our families would grow stronger; our communities would grow stronger, our country would grow stronger and our world would grow stronger. It is said that the socialists and communists say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Let us say the same thing but with the wonderful knowledge that with the eyes of faith, no trial, no crisis, no suffering need ever go to waste, for God will not only bring good out of it but will use our suffering to draw down graces that will bring you or your loved ones closer to Him. One of my favorite quotes of Pope John Paul is, “Suffering, more than anything else, clears the way for the grace that transforms human hearts.” And from the beginning of his pontificate he reminded us also, as Jesus does, “Be not afraid.”

Making the Most of This Unique Moment

So, let us pray much in this time of trial and may the extra prayers sent up to heaven, rain down graces for healing, both physical, but more importantly, spiritual.  We might also take this time when normal distractions in our life are being taken from us to focus on what is really important in life.  Nothing happens without God’s permission, for He is all powerful.  Although this crisis might disrupt business as usual…business as usual in our society is often not good for our spiritual life.  Let us take this time to make of it a kind of retreat.  If you can’t go to an event you had planned, take some time to pray, read the Bible or a holy book, and, of course, pray the Rosary.  Then play a game with those you are with.  Go through old pictures or videos and share memories.  Spend quality time together.  Think of how the hardship of the moment could bring blessings.  This is the holy season of Lent, let us offer hardships and inconveniences of this time as a prayer to our Lord.  Then turn to Him and  our Blessed Mother, to St. Joseph, St. Michael, all the holy saints and angels to protect and lead us to peace and especially to the Prince of Peace.


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