Pray the Rosary For the Coronavirus Crisis


If you have prayed or will pray a rosary for the intention of an end to the Coronavirus Crisis, click >>   here  <<.


Whether you’re concerned about the virus or the chaos in our world that the coronavirus panic has unleashed…WE NEED TO PRAY.  Let’s pray lots of rosaries to beg Our Lady so that the coronavirus frenzy will come to an end.  Pray that people will come to realize that the coronavirus is neither exceedingly contagious nor extremely dangerous.   Almost everyone who has it recovers and it seems to affect people like a normal flu or cold…causing discomfort to most for a few days, more illness to some and severe illness and death to a few.  Let us not treat those who have this virus as if they have a deadly disease that will wipe out the planet.  May all be allowed to live a normal life as this normal virus merits.  Let us pray that our right to gather, and be educated and go to church and all the many unusual restrictions will be lifted.  And let us pray that God protects us from a truly deadly virus and from such a reaction to any illness in the future.  Even if this

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