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Good Ground is a prayer magazine sent out by the Missionaries of the Liturgy. Each day provides a teaching along with fitting Scripture verses to read, a question to ponder, an intention to pray and a suggested follow up activity to do. On Sundays and Feast Days Good Ground features the Sunday readings or tells about the Saint of the day or feast. On other days a topic fitting into the seasons of the Church year is presented. Religious education and Catholic school teachers have used Good Ground for their classes, families use it for family prayer and many people have used it as part of their daily prayers. It is offered free of charge to those who ask. If you would like Good Ground either email or write the Missionaries of the Liturgy, 302 E. Margaret St. Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

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  1. Debora Skalski says:

    I would like to order at least one copy of Good Ground 2017
    Daily prayers to help you provide “good ground” for the seeds of faith… . How much is the cost/ and can I oder

  2. Just use the ‘contact us’ section of the website to communicate with me and order Good Ground, rather than a post and I can get your address. I am still working on next year’s copy. It is a huge task. Did you receive one last year, or how did you hear about it?

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