New Lessons From a Crisis And Lessons for Little Ones Coming Soon


Hello Friends,

I recorded new Lessons yesterday but in between editing the two lessons my computer died.  My nephew tranferred all my documents to another computer but now I can’t log in to my control panel to put new talks on the website.  So you need to pray.  My attitude is always….bad news is good news.. When there are obstacles the work is very important.  So please pray and later today, with God’s help, we will have the new talks online.

Keep praying…I know you are!

Guess what just happened???  My dead computer (hasn’t worked since yesterday afternoon)…suddenly came back to life!  I had put it on and ignored it for about an hour and the monitor was black and the computer still.  Just after I wrote the last words of keep praying, it made a noise.  And looks perfectly fine.  I must go pray for a while, but later today you should see the talks (or rather hear the talks!)

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