Lessons For Little Ones: Easter Story 1 April 13, 2020


Finally I have recorded another Lesson For Little Ones.  Today’s lesson shares with you one of the wonderful stories of Jesus and his friends after He rose from the dead.  Read the questions below, then listen to the story.   After you have finished, see if you can answer the questions.  If you can’t answer any of them, look in your Bible to find the answer or listen to the story again.  When I have time, I will write the answers for you in another post.

1. Who went to the tomb early in the morning?

2. What did she do when she saw the stone was rolled away?

3. Who ran to the tomb when they heard what Mary said?

4.What did they see when they got there?

5. Which one of the apostles ‘saw and believed?

6. Who was the only one who stayed at the tomb after the others left?

7. What was she doing?

8. What did the angels ask her?

9. Who did Mary think that Jesus was?

10. What did Jesus say when suddenly she recognized Him?

11. What did Jesus send Mary to do?

If you can answer those questions, you listened to the story very well!

Listen to Easter Story 1 from John 20:1-18 here:


Or Download it here:

Easter Story 1 John 20:1-18




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