Talk on Battling Covid-19 Coming Soon


I’m sorry I haven’t had time to make up a talk about Battling Covid-19 by building up your immunity and avoiding those things, such as sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep that lower our immunity.  When my Good Ground books are in the mail I will work on the talk.  God bless you!

In November I wrote….

If you have received my leaflet on battling Covid-19, you might be looking for the talk I mention in the leaflet.  I have not prepared it yet, but check back to the website again.  In the next two weeks, I should have time to give a talk, edit it and put it on the website.  In the meantime, put into practice the three defense strategies and distribute the leaflet.  We will overcome this enemy if we pray much and work hard.  Use all the sacrifices involved in staying healthy as a prayer for our country, our world and our Church.  Please pray for me and I shall for you. God bless you!

P.S. Pray for the bishops. They will be meeting soon. They are good men in a very difficult situation and God expects us to help them much by our prayers.  The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and they can’t do our part unless we do our part of praying much for them and even making sacrifices for them.

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