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Let us not forget that it is not only human efforts and true information that will lead to truth in the Covid-19 crisis.  Only prayer, penance and conversion will lead to a change in the situation.  The information is good to know for those who are open to hearing it, but truth will only affect each person and all of society when enough people pray.  That is true of this crisis, the terrible scourge of abortion, the problems in our government, in education, etc.  Everyone complains on talk shows and facebook about the problems, but instead they should be taking their twenty minutes a day to pray the rosary, making sacrifices in reparation for our sins, making holy hours and going to Mass, the most powerful prayer, as often as possible.  Only when we pray, do penance and amend our lives will our human efforts for change make a difference. 

We are up against evil.  Therefore, we are up against the devil and no human efforts can prevail against evil.  Only when we call upon the help of God will our human efforts bear fruit.  In every crisis we see around us this is true.  Even the hurricanes and fires would be less severe if only we would beg the Lord of all of nature to have mercy on us.  We do not ask and so He allows us to suffer the consequences of our choices.

Please pray the rosary every day.

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In my last newsletter I told you about Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and his talk and book about Covid-19.

Here is the link to download the chapter of his book about the vaccine:


This is the link to Dr. Bhakdi’s talk on the vaccine side effects:

Another episode from the Perspectives on the Pandemic series concerns a nurse who went undercover in a New York hospital.  Her story is not a surprise to me for on March 24, 2020 in my talk Lessons from a Crisis, I spoke of this very thing.  When no one is able to supervise or visit patients, incorrect treatment can be given and no one can stop it.  Why would people cause the death of innocent people ?  We expect the health care system to protect life, but we know that infants in the womb are expendable, and old and suffering people are hurried toward death  more than we realize.  Is the life of any of us sacred, young or old? It is, of course, but not in the eyes of those who are clouded by hatred or greed or a desire for power. If you listen to the talk from March 24, you will perhaps understand why, in the most terrible hospitals, deaths and serious illness are being caused by medical treatments in people identified with covid.  We must pray so much.  Pray the rosary every day.

This is the talk of the undercover nurse, Erin Marie:


This is my talk from March 24:

(I had an experience of death being caused by treatment given in an ICU in 2011 and so I feared that many would die in this crisis because no one can visit those in the hospital. )

Another article about numbers of side effects and deaths:



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