Ice Cream Lovers Load Up With Ice Cream on Their Last Day


The sad day came for our ice cream lovers….the day on which they knew they wouldn’t be back to the Bishop Baraga Shrine to have ice cream for another year.  So the four loyal ice cream eaters pulled themselves away from their summer activities in Skanee and traveled twenty miles for another dose of delicious ice cream.  Not only did they order double cones, but, yes, one even downed a whole pint of cherry ice cream (made from fresh tart cherries…very healthy, of course!)  As our final ice cream visit came to a close, I wanted to learn the names of these happy girls who so loved my ice cream.  First, they made me guess their names.  I got one right out of four.  Then to engrave their names in my memory, I quickly made them name tags and took a mug shot of the crew, which you see here.  We said our farewells, and hope to meet again in Iron Mountain before their school year begins, for a little visit, and, of course, more ice cream!

ice cream names

The ice cream lovers, from left to right, are: Alexis, Amber, Lauren and Bethany.  (Brennen, who was in our other photo, did not come along on this trip…I’m thinking maybe one of the pints that went with the girls might have been for him. )


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