A Mission in March: Light in the Darkness


Servant Maria Volp to give Lenten Missions

Father Corey Litzner has kindly invited me to offer missions in his parishes in Menominee, MI and Stephenson, MI this Lent.  When I first spoke with him about a mission, I thought it would be wonderful to teach people more about Vatican II, since its documents are very inspiring.  But I must say, that only Father Corey was excited about that topic.  Since all others were not even slightly enthusiastic, I quickly decided I would need to change the topic, or else only Father Corey would be coming to the mission!  One day last month as I was driving in the dark to 7 a.m. Mass, I began to think of the darkness in our world:  the moving away from God, and goodness and morality.  I pondered a bit more after Mass…Almost everyone recognizes the darkness that surrounds us and yet, is it not true that we can only see the stars when the darkness comes? (See Phil 2:15-16)  As I drove home from Mass, I knew I had my topic: Be Light in the Darkness.  I think it is one that many people will be drawn to.  Please pray as I prepare for the mission.

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