‘Be a Light’ Lunches Begin June 27


As I wrote on the postcard I sent out to many of those on our mailing list, (especially those in the Midwest)….

I wanted to let you know about the ‘Be a Light‘ Lunches I am hosting this year. If you are planning a visit, you might want to arrange to be at the Shrine for one or more of these special hours. The ‘lunches’ will last an hour, beginning with the rosary, followed by a talk on the topics below, a bit of quiet time, and a free lunch which you may take with you or eat at the Shrine. Those who come will also receive gifts on the topic of the week and a $5 Holy Store certificate to buy something holy.

I have scheduled the times for the hour before I open the store (11-12) and the hour just after closing (5-6) so I don’t have to worry about customers. I hope many people will take advantage of this learning/prayer opportunity. If you can come, please do. If you can’t, please pray for blessings on this endeavor. Usually I am so busy with all I must do, I am terrible at promoting events and usually almost no one comes! But those who do are blessed. Your prayers are appreciated.

Topics and dates of the talks are listed below…

“Be a Light” Lunch Schedule of Topics:

(The easiest days for me to come early are Wed. and Sat. so most talks

are scheduled for those days. A few talks are on special feast days.)

June 27 & 30 Jesus and His Sacred Heart

July 6 & 7 Principles for Peace from the Gospel

(helping our society & country in our times)

July 18 & 21 Scripture: The importance of the Bible as you grow in holiness

August 1 & 4 The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

August 15 & 18 & 22 Our Lady and the Rosary

Sept. 1 & 5 & 8 Saint Stories

Sept 12 & 14 & 15 Stories of Forgiveness

Sept 29 & Oct 3 & 6 The Angels

Oct 10 & 13 St. Therese, the Little Flower

No RSVP is necessary, but in order to have lunch, you have the come at the start of the hour, so I can put food in the oven according to the number of people I see.


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