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Welcome to Missionaries of the Liturgy

The Missionaries of the Liturgy is a non-profit organization.

We are so glad you came for a visit. We hope you find the many features of our website beneficial and come back to visit us often, so please bookmark our site — you will be pleased you did.

The primary purpose of the Missionaries of the Liturgy is to:

  • Draw people into the life of the Catholic Church
  • Draw people into the Catholic Churches Liturgy

We strive to do this through our many ministries including:

  • Mailings to build the faith
  • Education
  • Music
  • Missionary Minutes Radio Spots
  • Publishing Books and Prayer Help
  • Retreats
  • Hospital visits
  • The Holy Store

The Holy Store has two locations: in Iron Mountain and next to the Bishop Baraga Shrine in L’Anse, Michigan. We also have written books and produced prayer helps to teach people about our faith and deepen their spiritual lives.

If you would like to receive our mailings, please send us your information using the form below! God bless!

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The Bishop Baraga Shrine


In 1972 a group of people organized the construction of the impressive Bishop Baraga Shrine. Made of bronze and towering six stories high it is situated on a cliff overlooking beautiful Keweenaw Bay. Bishop Baraga was a great missionary to the Native Americans and the first bishop of the area that is now the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Missionaries of the Liturgy purchased the Baraga Shrine Gift and Coffee Shop as well as 14 acres around the Shrine on December 12, 2007. The gift shop has become a Holy Store with a large selection of Catholic books and gifts. The land around the Shrine is being developed as a place of prayer for those who stop to visit the Shrine. Visitors will find a Stations of the Cross path as well as a little chapel overlooking the bay. Plans for the summer of 2009 include making a Rosary prayer path.

The Bishop Baraga Shrine is located in L’Anse, Michigan (See Map).

The Baraga Holy Store is large enough to accommodate retreats.

If you would like information about these retreats or an current retreat schedule, please contact us.

About Servant Maria

Sis Maria

The idea for the Missionaries of the Liturgy first came to Servant Maria in 1994. When more young women join her in this work, she hopes the group will become a community of sisters in the Catholic Church. For vocation information please contact us…

Missionaries of the Liturgy
302 East Margaret Street
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Phone: 906-779-0599
Email: sissmaria [at] yahoo [dot] com

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