What Do Your Donations Do???


Our mission is supported both by your purchases through our Holy Store and through your tax-deductible Donations.

To make a tax-deductible donation you may send a check payable to the Missionaries of the Liturgy, 302 E. Margaret St. Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

What works are you helping when you donate to the Missionaries of the Liturgy?

  • —You help us continue sending out our Newsletter which includes teachings and prayer helps used by many.
  • —You help us continue distribute our Good Ground prayer book which leads those who use it more deeply into the truths of our faith and aids in developing habits of daily prayer and spiritual learning.
  • —You help distribute 100’s of rosaries and rosary CD’s and directions for praying the rosary to those who stop at the Baraga Shrine Gift Shop or encounter Servant Maria wherever she is.
  • —-You help distribute a variety of CD’s on Bishop Baraga, prayer and many other topics of faith to whomever comes across the path of Servant Maria, especially at the Bishop Baraga Shrine Gift Shop.
  • —You give us the resources to keep Missionary Minutes on the radio here in Iron Mountain and in the surrounding area, putting a minute of God in the midst of a secular world each day. (Listen to some Missionary Minutes here on our blog.)
  • —You help us continue our work at the Bishop Baraga Shrine in L’Anse, Michigan, greeting visitors, providing free information about Bishop Baraga and other topics of our faith, and keeping our Holy Store open (because we don’t really have enough sales to keep us going on sales alone. The grounds around the Shrine also provide a lovely place of prayer and reflection for visitors…we have made some prayer paths and have a little chapel located behind our gift shop.
  • —And you help keep the little Holy Store in Iron Mountain going…we have so few customers there, but those who come appreciate our presence.
  • —There are many other little ways the Missionaries of the Liturgy help spread our faith and God’s love and your donations are a part of all of that!

To make a donation you may:

Send a check payable to the Missionaries of the Liturgy to:
Missionaries of the Liturgy
302 E. Margaret St.
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Thanks and God bless you!

Servant Maria




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