Life Is Worth Pondering The Promises of the Sacred Heart June 6, 2019


Continuing the theme that I began last Sunday, I thought I would share with you the beautiful promises which the Sacred Heart told St. Margaret Mary would be given to those who honor His Sacred Heart.  This week we have the first Friday of June, so I thought it a fitting time to tell you about the promises and the practice of the First Fridays.  I place this before you on June 6th, which is the day God took my mother to eternity, many years ago.  That year, in 1980, my mother’s last birthday had been on Easter Sunday and she died on the first Friday of June.  She had loved the Sacred Heart and it was comforting that she died on a day dedicated to Him.  I pray that learning about the Sacred Heart, this blessed devotion will become more and more a part of your spiritual life. “Behold this Heart which has so loved men and is so little loved in return.”


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Life Is Worth Pondering Promises of the Sacred Heart 6-6-19


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