Life is Worth Pondering: The Social Problem June 30, 2019


Today’s episode of Life Is Worth Pondering takes a different direction from the previous programs.  It’s time to start looking at ‘The Social Problem’ which you will understand better after you’ve listened to this week’s show.  The Morning Offering Prayer which is mentioned in this episode can be found under the prayer section of the website or by using the link above.

The troubles affecting our country in these difficult times is the topic of our show, although the problem is so vast that more shows will be needed to really understand and begin to address the problems.  Thank you for joining me for this week’s program…let us pray for our country each day, thanking God for our blessings and begging Him to guide us through our present troubles.

Happy Fourth of July!

You can download the episode here:

Life Is Worth Pondering: The Social Problem June 30, 2019

Or listen here:



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