Life Is Worth Pondering: Learning About Socialism July 7, 2019


In today’s episode of Life is Worth Pondering Servant Maria shares the story of how she began to learn about Socialism about two years ago.  What she learned from the old books she found will give you some insights into what is happening around us today.  There is a need for prayer and penance in the face of the grave difficulties that are facing us today for their source is just simply political nor economic.  There is a lot more to share than what you begin to hear of today…in this episode you’ll meet David Goldstein and Mrs. Martha Moore Avery.  Their books, Socialism: the Nation of Fatherless Children and Bolshevism, It’s Cure can be found online so that you can learn about what they wrote to help our country many years ago.  (Just look up David Goldstein, Catholic apologist, on Wikipedia and there is a link to these books.) Some of their message is old, but I think it can also teach us much about socialism/communism and help Catholics and other Christians as we strive to help bring the light of Christ to the society in which we live.

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Life Is Worth Pondering: Learning About Socialism July 7, 2019

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  1. Patricia Dehanke says:

    Servant Maria, I just listened to the talk and it is awesome. You inspire me to be a better Catholic Christian. I just wish so many more people could listen to this to show what is really happening in our country. I am trying to do my best but it seems like it wouldn’t even help a tiny bit with what is going on. I have to pray and trust in Jesus. God Bless you!!! Pat Dehanke

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