Bishop Baraga Shrine Rosary Path Complete


Missionary Center Provides Bishop Baraga Shrine Rosary  Path

A Place Of Prayer

Just before our “Raise the Roof” we were able to finsh a ‘rough draft’ of our Rosary path at the Bishop Baraga Shrine. We hung the Mysteries on trees along the Rosary path, but haven’t had time yet to fill the rosary path with wood chips.   Hopefully we will eventually put benches along the path so that a person will be able to sit and pray the decades if he or she wishes.
   Although tourists at the Bishop Baraga Shrine might make use of the Rosary path, it will probably be most used by those who come to the Shrine and our Misisoanry Center for a day of prayer.  I mentioned last March that we were developing the living quarters of our building into a Missionary Center.  There will be a classroom/seminar room, a snack area, a chapel in one of the bedrooms, and various quiet places of prayer around the entire building.  The Rosary Path is a perfect addition to our Bishop Baraga Shrine Missionary Center.  Stop by and pray the Rosary path at the Bishop Baraga Shrine if you are in the Upper Peninsula.

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