Lessons From A Crisis Retreat IV April 9, 2020


Today, on this Holy Thursday, April 9, 2020 we continue our retreat, learning about the effects of sin from the beginning of the creation of the angels, to the sin in the Garden of Eden, to the terrible effects of sin in our own life.  St. Ignatius places before our eyes what sin is so that we may realize more fully what we choose when we choose to sin.  With the wisdom of the saints we begin to look at our choices with from the view of eternity and the Eternal Goodness that is God.  I am always learning myself as I share these lessons with you.

Please continue to pray your rosary each day and make a Holy Hour at home tonight on this night when we remember the first Eucharist, the Last Supper and Our Lord’s agony in the garden when he sadly asked His Apostles, ‘Could you not watch one hour with me?’   Let us watch one hour with Him tonight, and whenever we are able, let us spend an hour with Him in prayer, offering Him reparation for the sins of those who do not know or love Him.

Listen to today’s Lesson From a Crisis here:


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Lessons From A Crisis Retreat IV April 9, 2020


May God draw you very close to Himself on this holy night.  You are in my prayers.




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