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Dear Friends,

Those of you who live in Iron Mountain and the surrounding areas have been hearing Missionary Minutes for many years on 101.5 Frog Country.   The radio station gives me an extremely low rate for the many minutes they play for me each month, but even so, it costs the Missionaries of the Liturgy $2400 to bring the minutes to you each year.  Over the years that they have been coming over the air, the cost has been well over $20,000.  The few times I have asked listeners for help, very few people responded, but the first three times someone came to the store and donated one large check…the first two times, what came in covered the several months for which I was trying to raise funds, the third time, it was half of what I needed but several hundred dollars.  Because God had worked such miracles of generosity, it was clear to me He wanted me to keep these Minutes on the air.  But they are expensive and I have many other  ways that I try to help people as well.

This Lent, I really need the good people of this area to help.  At least a few of you have been inspired by these little messages, but our country is in a lot of trouble and I need to spread my message much further than the U.P.   In the next few weeks I have a booth at two conferences at which together, over 10,000 people will attend.  I love to give away free literature, books and CD’s that I have made, and I have been making them as quickly as I can.  The generous people on my mailing list have been sending some donations, and anything extra I use to buy CD’s, paper, ink, and anything else I need to make my spiritual gifts for those who are spiritually hungry.

If you would like to donate, either to help me pay for Missionary Minutes, or for supplies to give things away, you can donate either by stopping by the Holy Store during our open hours, which at the moment are: Wednesday and Friday 11-3, or mailing a donation to the Missionaries of the Liturgy 302 E Margaret St. Iron Mountain, MI 49801.  Please leave your name if you stop by the store and donate if I am not there so that I can keep you in my prayers by name.

God bless you and let us pray for our country that God will help us to return to Him and His ways.

Servant Maria Volp, the one who brings you Missionary Minutes from the Missionaries of the Liturgy

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