Pray the Rosary and Do Penance Thoughts for March 19, 2020


How important it is for everyone to pray the Rosary at this time…every day and even more, if God give you the grace to do it.  Also add more sacrifices to what you had done for Lent or be very faithful to the penance you had begun.  This crisis is not about our health.  No matter what statistics you hear, remember that there are 300 million Americans and 7.7 billion people in the world.  Relatively speaking, very few people are sick and most of them have recovered.  That is the great grace God has given us.  He has already protected us from the virus.  Now He must protect us  from our foolishness to think we can protect ourselves from a germ by government restrictions rather than by common sense.  He is allowing all this until enough of us turn to Him in prayer and trust.  And this is the moment at which the Rosary is particularly powerful because anything that takes our freedoms from us is related to what Our Lady spoke of at Fatima.  But I suppose we will need to suffer more before enough people will come to God.

Pray, pray, pray…the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is also helpful, or pondering the Passion or, if you are able to get into a church, time with the Blessed Sacrament.  Make reparation for your own sins and the sins of our country and our world.  I will be putting some talks and lessons on this website whenever I can.  I had to do things out of the house while we have the freedom to do so.  Yes, it is true as Fulton Sheen told us during World War II “We need to come to the realization that some of our enemies have the devil on their side, and man is no match for the devil.” So no human efforts without prayer will help us during this crisis. But when we pray and do penance we give God and His Blessed Mother the power to come to our aid.  When enough people have turned back to God, this crisis will end, because, of course, “The devil is no match for God.”  But He will not save us without our cooperation.  That is just the way He works.  So do your part and get as many as you know to do their part also.  Pray and do penance.

God bless you and please check back on the website each day.  I keep getting insights and I will share them with you when they come.  This is a very important moment.  For those of you on my mailing list…get out your bishops prayer and pray that, too. (I’ll put it on the website soon.) Blessings on this solemn St. Joseph Day, 2020.  Servant Maria

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