Lessons From a Crisis March 22, 2020


Here is the message from March 22.  Each message gives  a little insight about our present troubles and the importance of prayer to bring about a solution.  If you haven’t heard it yet, it would be good to listen to the Lessons From a Crisis talk from March 20.  The other ones are helpful, too, if you have time. March 24th is very important. Pray the rosary, with your family, if possible, do penance.  Pray for our Bishops.  Pray for the President. Eliminate any sins from your life of which you are conscious.  Read the Call to Action article…an important project.  P.S. Tally your rosaries on the rosary tally.  It will make me happy to see the number rising:) God bless you!

You can download the talk here:

Lessons From a Crisis March 22, 2020



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