The Rosary With Servant Maria


Hello Everyone,

Although the Rosary has been on the website for a couple years, it has been in separate tracks so that it couldn’t be downloaded or played without interruption.  This morning I spliced all the tracks together and now you can pray the Rosary with me more easily!  If you have any extra rosaries, carry them with you wherever you go.  If people look distressed, tell them something like, “We have to pray.”  or “This is a time for prayer”.  If they look at you blankly, then just pray for them.  But if they agree with them, ask them if they are Catholic.  If they say yes, ask them if they pray the rosary.  Tell them this is the moment in which the Rosary will help us the most.  If they don’t have a rosary, give them one and tell them they can go online to learn to pray it.  You can tell them to come to this website (I have my little pray the rosary cards I give away that has Our Lady of Fatima and the website on it), or send them to any rosary website, but, of course, in addition to the rosary on this website will be the “Lessons for a Crisis” and other resources that will be very helpful.  I hope to introduce something very lovely later today, if God gives me the grace and strength to finish it.  You can pray for me.

Now, here is the Rosary With Servant Maria you can play:


Or download it here and pass it on to others if you think they’d like it:

The Rosary With Servant Maria





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