Lessons From a Crisis April 6, 2020


I have a nice talk for you today about setting our world on fire with Christ’s love.  It’s a combination of a couple talks I’ve made a while back.  I am  making these talks in between other duties and it is challenging to finish them.  Will you please pray for my sister-in-law Diane who has memory issues?  She still works at a grocery store bagging, but has been having some troubles because of forgetting things.  Please pray that God will heal her if it is His will, or guide us in relation to her job.  Thanks so much.

Please don’t forget to pray your rosary every day for God’s help (and Our Lady’s aid) in this crisis.

Listen to Lessons From a Crisis April 6, 2020 (on setting the world on fire with Christ’s love).


Or download it here:

Lessons From A Crisis April 6, 2020




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