Lessons From a Crisis March 30, 2020


If you haven’t heard the other “Lessons From a Crisis”, it’s good to listen to the other lessons in order.  This is a special time God has given us to learn the great lessons of holiness from Our Lord, especially in the Gospels, from the Saints, and our dear Blessed Mother, the Queen of All Saints and from our Mother, the Church.  How much wisdom has been lost in these years when we have become more and more wise in the ways of the world and more and farther and farther from loving God with simplicity of a child.  In several of his books and talks Fulton Sheen speaks of the ones who came to see the newborn King: the shepherds and the wise men.  The shepherds, those who knew they didn’t know anything and the wise men, those who knew they didn’t know everything.  They were the only ones whose hearts were open to seeing God in a little babe.  Now I am sharing these messages with only a few special souls and they are in the same categories.  I do hope the number of those who discover these talks will grow and that those who know very little, and those who know much, but know there is always much more to learn, will listen to the thoughts, and be inspired to pray more, do penance for their own sins and the sins of others, and always strive more and more to no longer conform themselves to the errors of our age, but be transformed by renewal of their mind and heart (Romans 11).

Here is Lessons From a Crisis for March 30, 2020:


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Lessons From a Crisis March 30, 2020



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