Lessons For Little Ones


My Dear Young Friends,

Today and yesterday I had to do other work and I couldn’t make for you a lesson.  But today, I would like you to take out your Bible.

First, I want you to look at John 13:1-15.  I want you to see what surprising thing Jesus did before they started the Last Supper.  You have to see how the apostles reacted to such an action.

Then I want you to look at Luke 22:14-20, to read about the Last Supper, which I think you already know about.

Finally, I want you to read about the Agony in the Garden in Luke 22:39-46.  Jesus was very sad as He thought about the suffering He would have to undergo the next day.  He wanted His apostles to stay awake with Him and pray, but what did they do?  Tonight, when  you pray your rosary, imagine that you are with Jesus in the Garden and you are staying awake and making Him feel better by loving Him on this special night.

I will be back online telling you more stories soon.  Please pray for me and I shall for you.

God bless you! Servant Maria

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