The Journal of Elisabeth Leseur: A Three Year Project is Finally Complete!


For many years in between all the other projects I have been working on, I steadily made progress on a book that is full of wisdom and insight about life, about suffering and about bringing the influence of God in a godless world. Elisabeth Leseur lived a little over 100 years ago in Paris. Her husband, Felix, was an atheist and most of the people around her were likewise atheists. She herself almost lost her faith because of her husband, but thankfully when she realized this, she threw herself fully into the arms of Jesus. She grew in her spiritual life to a depth of great holiness, but could not share her faith with those around her and so kept her holy thoughts in a journal. Her most ardent prayer was for the conversion of her husband so that she might have the joy of sharing her faith with him. God did not answer her prayer during her life on earth, although before she died, Our Lord must have given her the spiritual assurance that her husband would receive the gift of faith. She told him he would be converted and would be an ‘apostle.’

After her death her sister told him about the journal his wife had kept and he was greatly inspired by what he read. But still he did not receive the gift of faith. God allowed Felix to sense Elisabeth’s presence in a way he could not doubt a few times after her death, which was important to opening his heart since not only did he not believe in God, but in anything spiritual. Finally, several months after her death, Felix felt a pull (and heard an inner voice) to go to Lourdes, where he had brought his ailing wife two years before her death. There, finally, he received the blessed gift of faith (which so many of us take for granted). Not only did he return to the practice of the Catholic faith, but he became a priest!

It is the journal of Elisabeth that I have now ready for you. It is reprinted from a 1921 English translation. I retyped most of it page by page…that is why it took me three years to finish!  It is $5.95 per copy, and enclose $3.00 for postage for any number of copies you order. Send your request to: Missionaries of the Liturgy/ 302 E Margaret St./Iron Mountain, MI 49801.  Eventually I will make a CD of the life of Elisabeth Leseur. She is such an inspiration for those who pray for the conversion of those they love and for those who suffer.


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