Life Is Worth Pondering: Praying for the Prodigals September 15, 2019


Finally I was able to record a new episode of Life is Worth Pondering for you.  Although there is so much to do, I didn’t want to let the Gospel of the Prodigal Son pass by without sharing some thoughts with you about it.  In this episode I share two stories that happened on this Sunday of the Prodigal Son Gospel  many years ago.  Then I speak of two other important topics….forgiving the Prodigals we don’t want to forgive, and the part each of us plays in drawing prodigals to repentance.  Whenever I finish one of these talks, I am so grateful to God for helping me do it since I am always so tired and busy.  But He helped me once again and I hope you will like this week’s talk and will join me in praying and offering sacrifices for many of the prodigal sons and daughters of our world to return to the waiting arms of their heavenly Father and to the practice of their faith.


Download this week’s episode here:


Life Is Worth Pondering: Praying for the Prodigals


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