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The audio clips in this article are from a talk given by Msgr Fulton J. Sheen during the Catholic Hour program on March 28, 1943 entitled the Judgement on the Nations.  We don’t think very often these days of the justice of God.  It is, however, something that we ought to ponder and understand.  Fulton Sheen, in this first section of his talk quotes both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln speaking of the Justice of God and slavery.  Lincoln speaks further about our forgetfulness of God in the midst of all the blessings of our country.  These words, spoken over 65 years ago, have a message for us today.

Msgr Fulton J. Sheen on Jefferson, Lincoln and the Judgment of God

Listen to the first part of his talk


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Fulton Sheen on Jefferson, Lincoln and the Judgment of God


Msgr Sheen’s talk continues with more of President Lincoln’s words and some interesting information about the press of 1943 that ridiculed those who gave God credit for victory during World War II, and scoffed at those who prayed and were saved at sea.  Just as he reminded the people during World War II that only God is our help, his words ring true even more today when so many more have forgotten God.  Let us pray for our country and not be afraid to let those who would try to keep us from giving Him credit for our blessings and turning to Him in our need, that they are greatly mistaken….Let us pray for them and for those who do not know God, that they will come to know His love and His care.

This excerpt repeats just a bit from the above excerpt and then continues…

Fulton Sheen: We Have Forgotten God.  Listen…


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Fulton Sheen: We Have Forgotten God








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