Life Is Worth Pondering: Light Your Lamps August 11, 2019


I made an episode of Life Is Worth Pondering for today, but it is too strong to put online. Two-thirds of the episode share with you a talk by Fulton Sheen which was the first in a series of talks called ‘Light Your Lamps’. In this episode I also share some things I’ve learned from a book that I recently found, an old book from the 1930’s that shows the importance of praying in the midst of our present troubles. I won’t put the talk online, but if you would like a copy I will try to send it to you on a CD (though I am very busy with the Baraga Shrine Gift Shop so it might take a while to get to you).
Please pray the rosary each day. It is so very important for the future of our country and it will bring blessings upon you and your family as well. Try to make time for a Holy Hour each week, and make time for prayer each morning and evening and if possible, do penance each Friday, abstain from meat as we do during Lent. We must offer reparation to God for our own sins and the sins of our country. God bless you…and please pray for me, too!

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