Coronavirus Retreat Day 2


March 17, Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today we were told there would be no more ‘public Masses’ to protect from the terrible germ.  So we have been denied in the name of our health the right to assemble and freedom of religion.  God is permitting this to wake us up and also to chastise us.  He has protected us from the disease which all are fearing, but is allowing a grave blindness over much of our land and its leaders, both civil and religious.  But if we pray enough, especially the Rosary since this trial is related to the message of Fatima, the eyes of our leaders will be opened.

So do your part to tell everyone you know that the rosary will be powerful at this time.  Our Lady is patroness of our country and she loves us in a special way.  She is our mother, but our mother and our heavenly Father need to allow us to learn a lesson before we receive the gifts of our freedom again.  So pray, pray, pray.

(couldn’t work on the retreat again today)


I had to work on getting my mailing out to get people across the country praying the rosary to fight the coronavirus crisis…which is not so much about a germ as about a loss of freedom in our country.

Be sure to pray today and read your Bible…just go to Matthew chapter 5 and begin the Sermon on the Mount.  Read a little and think.  Then read a little more and think.  Pray the Rosary. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Examine your conscience and make a good Act of Contrition.

Don’t give up your Lenten penance because of this crisis.  Be faithful to it and offer any other difficulty during this time as penance for your sins and the sins of our country.  Please check back tomorrow for a real teaching for day 2 of the Coronavirus Retreat.  God bless you!

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