Life Is Worth Pondering: Be Perfect, Be Holy


I recorded this “Life is Worth Pondering” episode on the Sunday before Lent began.  Although at that time I didn’t know God would be sending the ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ to lead us all to deeper holiness, He did and so He had me give the message that this Crisis is truly all about.  Even many who did remember God and pray allowed sinful things, or frivolous things to distract us from what is most important in life.  Now God in His great kindness is giving our generation a blessed time to think about the choices that we have made in the past, how they lead us toward Him or away from Him.  Let us pray much for all those who are not receiving the blessings those who know God are.  Our prayers and penances will allow God to pour out graces of mercy and conversion upon many hearts.

Here is the Lesson I recorded on February 23, 2020… On that day in the Gospel we heard, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”  Yes, Our Lord wants us to be perfect.  This talk explains what that means and how we are to fulfill this very important lesson from the Sermon on the Mount.

You can listen to the talk here:


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Life Is Worth Pondering: Be Perfect, Be Holy



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