Lessons For Little Ones: Episode One and Two


Today I introduce a new series of special talks from Servant Maria.  This time the lessons will be for children.  Although the lessons are for children aged 6-12,  the entire family will learn something from each lesson.  The first Lesson for Little Ones is a little longer than future lessons since I introduce the entire series and explain the five parts that will be included each time I meet with you and the children:  1) a Bible story  2) a lesson on our faith 3) a saint story 4) special prayers for a country or countries somewhere in the world 5) learning a prayer  that is important to growing in loving God.  I hope you will like this first “Lesson for Little Ones” and will download the lessons and pass them on to others during this very holy time in our country’s history.

Listen to the “Lessons For Little Ones: Episode One” here:


Or download it here:

Lessons For Little Ones: Episode One (3-28-20)


Here is the Lesson For Little Ones (March 29, 2020)

Listen to it here:


Or download March 29 episode here:

Lessons For Little Ones (3-29-20)


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  1. Rebecca Callejas says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so excited to have these.

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