Lessons For Little Ones Easter Message


Hello again, Dear Children,

I hope you are ready to celebrate the joy of Easter already this evening.  Easter joy begins tonight already because if we were able to go to church tonight, we would hear readings from the Old Testament that prepared for Jesus’ coming and then we would hear the joyful story of the women finding the empty tomb.  The angel in the tomb told them that Jesus had risen from the dead.  So, if you made a sacrifice for Lent…tonight after 8:00 p.m. you can celebrate Easter and eat a little treat.  That is what I do each Holy  Saturday night.  Light a candle and think of Christ the Light of the World. And then read the story of Easter in Mark’s Gospel.

I will be telling you wonderful Easter stories next week.  I couldn’t teach you too much this week.  I wanted to teach the grown-ups some important things and I spent extra time praying because this was Holy Week.

Be sure to pray the rosary each day and I will be with you on Easter Monday.  Happy, Blessed Easter!  Servant Maria

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