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Here’s a copy of the letter you can download:  Bishop Letter For Masses

Below, at the end of this post, I’ll also include the text of the letter.

And accompany your letter(s) with daily Prayer For Bishops or Rosary For Bishops

It’s time for us to act to ‘save the country’ sooner rather than later.  First of all, you must understand the germ which has been made to seem deadly and dangerous is not so:  As of March 20, there were 15,000 cases in the entire USA which has a population of 300,000,000.  And most of them have recovered. It is not a deadly virus in the true sense of the word, although it is true that as of yesterday 201 people had died.  They might have died from any other flu or cold.  Therefore, wanting to worship in public is not a selfish desire as we have been convinced it is.  And Mass via technology without Holy Communion is not Mass as Christ wills us to celebrate Mass.

We need to act quickly.  the sooner America gets back to action and realize that this germ is harmless, the sooner the economy may possibly recover  and everyone’s life get back to normal.  We must get to our bishops with a strong message that we want our public masses back.  It is a not a danger to society for us to go to Mass.  As I wrote to one bishop, “If we want to protect the elderly, then the elderly stay home.  The whole country doesn’t have to stay home!”  The story of this germ has been so carefully manipulated to create mass hysteria.  God has permitted so many to be deceived and our Church leaders have been deceived along with everyone else.  But I found one church leader who was brave enough and smart enough to have church last week (article link below).


It is unconstitutional to ban assemblies and religious worship which means that the governors are the ones disobeying the laws by forbidding assemblies, not those who are assembling.

It’s time for as many people to write their bishops as possible.  Quote the article above.

There is absolutely no danger to the public by assembling together.  If someone is sickly, then they don’t usually come to church.  And if you are sick, you don’t usually come to church! God has His own way of controlling germs. But the whole world does not stop coming to church to control a germ!  Tell your Bishop it’s time to be a man, a true leader and an American and know that our laws protect our right to gather in any number in a peaceable way to worship God.  If a Protestant Pastor can be brave then certainly the Church of Apostles and Martyrs should insist on our rights.  If we begin to insist on some sanity in society, the rest of society will follow.  We need to get a lot of letters going to them, so spread this message.  If you have time, write to a few bishops.  If the whole Church insists on her rights we will not be held captive by the myth of a deadly germ anymore. Pray, do penance, stop sinning and write to your Bishop! And spread this message!  Pope St. John Paul who resisted Communism so bravely, help our bishops to resist this assault on our rights.  Let’s get our Masses back soon.


Write your own letter, or use the text of the letter below….

Sample Letter to send to your Bishop (or other Bishops)

Dear Bishop _________________,

How could allow your flock to be completely deprived of the Eucharist, ‘the source and summit of our faith‘, for even one day? You might tell me that you were protecting the flock, or at least the elderly of our flock, from the coronavirus. If you look at the statistics provided by both the WHO and the CDC, the numbers, when compared to the entire population, are so small that they don’t come near to even one percent of the population. As of March 20, the CDC reported there were 15,000 cases in the USA and only 201 deaths….out of a population of 300 million. That is a tiny percent (.005% had the virus). Those 201 could have died from any other flu or virus they contracted.. The germ has been in the country since January 21 and such a small number have been affected by illness. But from a hysteria created by a cleverly organized campaign to convince the public that this ’novel’ germ is ’deadly’ certainly every single American has been deeply affected. And the entire Catholic Church of the United States was deprived of the Mass. How could you deprive us of the Eucharist so completely?

You say, “Our governors, after the recommendation of the president, banned assemblies of more than ten. We had no choice but to obey.” Did you not learn in high school that Americans have freedom of assembly and freedom of religion? It is unconstitutional to ban assemblies and religious worship in our country. The governors were the ones who are disobeying the laws by forbidding assemblies. You know we have the obligation to worship God on Sundays. Pope Leo XIII reminds us, “if the will of rulers is opposed to the will and the laws of God, they themselves exceed the bounds of their own power and pervert justice; nor can their authority be valid, which when there is no justice, is null.” (Diuturnm, #11) Both because of our Constitution and because of the law of God, you were not obliged to ban our Masses. We were not able to fulfill our duties to God and we will deprived of the ‘source and summit of our faith.’

We want our Masses back. There is no danger to society when we gather at Mass. The germ which everyone fears is not dangerous, as the statistics show us. If the Church insists on her rights, the whole country will not be held captive by the myth of a deadly germ. In Louisiana a Protestant Pastor was brave enough to have his services despite the governor’s order because he knew his rights as an American. If a Protestant Pastor can be brave, then certainly the Church of Apostles and Martyrs should likewise do what is right and good and true for the Faithful and for our country. Please give us back our Masses and lead us by your words and example to pray more, do penance for our many sins and live the Gospel more faithfully. Help to restore sanity to a country and world that has forgotten God!



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